Town Moves Ahead on Abandoned Properties

RRPJ-Abandoned Properties-18Sep19

Owners of houses that have become run down, abandoned, damaged or otherwise might be considered blighted will soon get letters from the town’s attorney. The Town Council at the September meeting authorized attorney Cloyd Benjamin, Jr to send the letters out.

There are a number of properties in the town that are not livable due to damage or neglect. A couple of months ago the town council began taking action to get the property owners to clean up or demolish these buildings.

The purpose of the letters is to get the property owners to bring their houses up to an inhabitable condition. Attorney Benjamin explained to The Journal recently that it is a legal process of notices required to either get the property owners to act or face further legal actions by the town.

2 thoughts on “Town Moves Ahead on Abandoned Properties

  1. This (taking care of Coushatta’s blight) is really long overdue.
    I want the Mayor and Council to stop talking about this problem every other year- and BE ABOUT IT NOW. Stay on top of this. It is so important for the growth of Coushatta.
    Stop giving property owners of Coushatta a pass, or slap on the hand about there unkept, unsafe, crime infested properties: those with or without buildings on them.
    We Black citizens of Coushatta can keep our homes as well or even better than the Whites did back 10-20 years ago when “uptown” was predominantly White. Back then you hardly ever saw blight, or even a piece of paper on the sidewalks, ie, Carol and adjacent streets.
    Tear Them Down. Don’t give the owner an opportunity-too many times to rent these down-trotted properties just for the sake of greed. Black people, my dear sisters and brothers; We are better than this and, We CAN do better than this.
    Tear Them Down and start to invest and plant seeds for something bigger, better and more prosperous.

  2. I’m so glad to see the Town Council is cleaning up the town. There is an area I see daily and it has a run down trailer house and broken down cars on the corner of Army Rd and Esperanza. I pray that someone will clean that up too.

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