Putting a Name on It

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The “new” elementary school was constructed on the Ashland Road about 20 years ago, following school consolidation in the parish. There was a sign erected at the front of the property. This week the school’s presence in the neighborhood was proclaimed with a big, beautiful new sign installed on the front of the building.

This is the latest change to the elementary school campus. Earlier this year a new front door was installed with an entrance directly into the school office. This is a security measure to assure that everyone entering the school checks in at the office first. Also, the rear entrance has been designated as the bus entrance for students arriving and departing. It is also used by the faculty and staff.

The new sign proclaims “Red River Elementary School” in bright blue letters. And there is a huge Bulldog paw print to the left. There are also new signs on the entrance drive to direct parents and visitors to the proper parking lot and entrance.

The changes at the elementary school aren’t just external. See the story elsewhere in today’s edition of the academic accomplishments of our students.

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4 thoughts on “Putting a Name on It

  1. I read the comments on here and I was born and raised in Martin. From the comment I just read about some don’t hardly have money or a job in Coushatta and put the system down there I ask you why? I lived in Martin and drove to Shreveport everyday to have a good job and nice things I wanted. They don’t make you go buy these new nice cars and homes but some are quick to blame them for no jobs and money. It first begins with you getting an education, working hard for what you have, getting a good job to pay for the nice things you want and putting God first in your life!!

  2. People of Coushatta living in the town of Coushatta it’s time to clean up all the properties that are not fit for human consumption.I lived in Coushatta for an extended period of time and relocate to the State of Texas; I was a property owner when I lived there,moved back from Michigan; I saw how people let property deteriorate and didn’t try to improve. I came to the Council when Trey Murry was mayor,however nothing was done.some of the same eyesores are still standing! I love Coushatta, I grew up in Coushatta,but left after High school; Please don’t let people patch-up, If there is no improvement then tear them down at the owners expense

    • There are some people in coushatta that dont have hardly any money and some of them arent even able to get job and those people arent able to fix there homes so yall need to stop and think about those kind of things some of you folks think everybody has money well i hate to break it to you people most of them dont

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