Putting a Name on It

RRPJ-New Sign TOP-18Sep19.JPG


The “new” elementary school was constructed on the Ashland Road about 20 years ago, following school consolidation in the parish. There was a sign erected at the front of the property. This week the school’s presence in the neighborhood was proclaimed with a big, beautiful new sign installed on the front of the building.

This is the latest change to the elementary school campus. Earlier this year a new front door was installed with an entrance directly into the school office. This is a security measure to assure that everyone entering the school checks in at the office first. Also, the rear entrance has been designated as the bus entrance for students arriving and departing. It is also used by the faculty and staff.

The new sign proclaims “Red River Elementary School” in bright blue letters. And there is a huge Bulldog paw print to the left. There are also new signs on the entrance drive to direct parents and visitors to the proper parking lot and entrance.

The changes at the elementary school aren’t just external. See the story elsewhere in today’s edition of the academic accomplishments of our students.

RRPJ-New Sign BOTTOM-18Sep19

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