ETC… for September 19th

Guess who The Journal ran into last weekend? It is Virginia Webb who was sitting in Ronald Webb’s 1947 Ford Coupe. Virginia drove the old Ford to Bossier City for the 25th annual Mustang and Ford show put on by the Mustang Club. A nice contingent from Red River went along for the daylong event.

Last Friday night there was a great night of music, food and fellowship at Liberty Baptist Church. Here is their post from Facebook, “Our annual Wild Game Supper went great! We had Stuart Shaw and his best friend come and give a great presentation and one of our very own, Jennifer Breedlove, sang a few songs with God’s Country. There was great food and fellowship! Glory to God for allowing us to have this event and tell people about Him!”

After reading the news do you ever feel like saying, “Tell me something I didn’t know?” Well this is one of those type items. The National Weather Service in Shreveport has posted that summer has returned! Hot afternoon temperatures!
The Journal’s own Cajun Weather Rock is hanging steady and it is hot and dry. That seems correct. There is a 50% or better chance of rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Journal would like to apologize to our Riverdale Academy football fans. Many of you tried to listen to the Riverdale-Collegiate Christian Academy game Friday night. There were technical reasons it could not be broadcast including threatening storms and a “press box” that our crew did not think was safe or would offer any protection from precipitation or lightning. See the picture below.

Congratulations to both local football teams. Friday night Riverdale defeated CCA 10 to 6. The Bulldogs from Red River traveled to Mansfield and came back with a 9 to 6 victory.

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