Water System Improvements Getting Closer

RRPJ-Water Improvements-18Sep14

The Town Council approved a resolution at the meeting Tuesday night concerning a loan for water system improvements. It is a project that has taken many years so far and work has not yet begun. Mayor Johnny Cox thanked the council for sticking with it all these years.

Cox said, “We have tried for almost 10 years. We have been funded $7,000,000 to redo the water system for the entire town of Coushatta.” He added, “We have had to submit and resubmit paperwork. We stuck with it and we got the funds.”

Money for the water system refurbish will come from the US Department of Agriculture. Work is expected to start within the next nine months. “It is a huge undertaking, awesome infrastructure repair,” said Cox.

Although the money has not been finally granted and the work has not begun on water system upgrades, Mayor Cox says they are already planning the next big upgrade. Cox said, “We are already proposing and negotiating for repairs to our sewer system.” That project is in the planning stages.

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