They Make Things Happen

School Superintendent Alison Hughes presented many honors at the School Board meeting this week. “I want to honor adults who give countless hours and other resources to make sure things happen in our schools,” said Hughes.

Hughes presented plaques to several individuals and businesses. She introduced Pam Bamburg who volunteers at the Elementary School. Hugh said, “She is phenomenally talented and gives her time painting bulletin boards and backdrops for school functions.”

Next Hughes honored Colette Smith. “She is the backbone of just about everything at the Junior High,” said Hughes. She said Smith “loves kids and they love her. Thank you for giving your time to our kids.”

Pastor Tommy Eason, his wife, and his church were honored for work at the Junior High. Hughes said, “They have adopted our school. He is in the hallway every day greeting the children. We appreciate what they do and they are certainly making an impact on our children.”

Next to be honored was Mary Marston. Hughes said, “She is there daily as well. She mentors the kids who need a little extra time.”

Hughes recognized Randy and Adair Thomas for “constantly traveling, feeding and working for our kids,” said Hughes. Randy and Adair Thomas head the Athletic Booster Club. You see them at every home game and every time the Bulldogs score you hear their horns sound.

Next the Superintendent turned to recognize businesses in the community that contribute to the schools. Hughes thanked Fausto’s Fried Chicken. She said, “Fausto’s feeds the football team before every away game. They also offer discounts to fans and stay open late after home games.”

Next the Bank of Coushatta and President Jerry Glover were thanked by Hughes “for sponsoring everything we do. Not one event, one team, one school, nothing that we do that they do not sponsor. They give money and their staff does fundraising for the schools. Thank you Jerry for all you do.” Glover responded, “You’re welcome. You deserve it.”

And the Coushatta Pizza Hut and John Feazell were thanked. Hughes said, “they provide sponsorship to schools and they offer discounts to students.”

The Superintendent concluded with another thank you to these individuals and businesses. Hughes said, “We want to thank them for all they do for Red River Parish Schools.

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