Senator Kennedy Sends an Update


Louisiana Senator John Kennedy has sent an update to the citizens of Louisiana. In it he touches on several topics he says are vital to Louisiana.

We just missed a tropical storm coming our way, so flood insurance is on the mind of many Louisiana home and business owners. The federal flood insurance program known as NFIP nearly expired. Kennedy said, “Luckily we passed a short-term fix to authorize the program for another four months. However, this short-term fix is not enough.” Kennedy promises to fight for reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program so it can be affordable for years to come.

Louisiana has a requirement that people work to get food stamps. Kennedy said, “It doesn’t actually require people to work. We need stronger requirements for food stamps.” President Trump supports his stance on the issue, said Kennedy. “I introduced an amendment to the Farm Bill that would establish stronger work requirements for food stamps.”

If you did not receive Senator Kennedy’s update you can check out his website at or call his Shreveport office at 318-670-5192.

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