Health Screenings for Kids

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A big part of the new school year for young students at Red River Elementary School is the annual health screenings. On Tuesday the pre-K and three year olds were screened and the kindergarten students were screened on Wednesday.

The Journal observed very orderly, well disciplined, and extremely polite young children. Teachers brought their classes to the gym one at a time. The children stayed in line, kept talking to a minimum and kept their hands to themselves. And all were using their indoor voice. Congrats to the children, parents and their teachers for doing a great job with the youngsters.

First stop for the kids was the parish Library table. Kala Sims gave them some information on the library and a big bag to hold the goodies they would collect at the health fair. Next stop was the Homeless Education Enrichment Program gave activity bags including Play-Doh.

The morning class of Certified Nursing Assistant students from the high school supplied the manpower to assist various stations. They performed weight and height measurements for the kids. Each student had his or her motor skills tested. Coach Ginger Craig conducted a ball toss and walk-a-line. (Attention adults: It isn’t as easy as it sounds!)

At the next table Nurse Practitioner Lavora Wilson took blood pressure readings and Nurse Practitioner Jeanette Tilley listen to their chest. Celeste Huddelston from the Christus Coushatta Dental Clinic performed dental checks and provided each student with a tooth care kit.

Also included in the health fair were an assessment of speech and language skills, there were hair and scalp checks, and each was provided with information on healthy eating habits and the importance of a nutritious breakfast.

Luci Collins from Project Celebration was there presenting information on domestic abuse. She also provided information on bullying. All is designed to inform the kids about situations they might encounter at school and in the community.

The school nurse supervised the whole event. Fleeter Taylor told the Journal, “It was good. We identified several things that need to be looked into further. I will be contacting the parents of the students involved.”

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