Proper Disposal of Worn Flags

RRPJ-Flag Disposal TOP-18Sep5

There is a procedure for disposing of US flags when they are worn, torn or otherwise no longer serviceable. Locally, the task is handled by VFW Post 7287.

Last week a flag disposal box was installed on the porch of Randy’s Hardware Plus on US 71. Store owner Randy Walker provided the space. The box was moved from storage to the store and placed on the porch by Walker and Barry McCoy, Commander of Post 7287.

Walker commented that he had replaced two flags from his property recently. He said, “I am proud to provide space for the flag box. People can place their used flags here and they will be disposed of properly.” Commander McCoy said, “We’ll see that proper respect is paid to US flags that are no longer serviceable. The VFW Post thanks Randy Walker for providing a place people can turn in their flags.”

The box is a retired postal mailbox that was rehabilitated and brightly painted by CBS Collision in Bossier City. Anyone with a used flag may place it in the box any time Randy’s Hardware is open.

RRPJ-Flag Disposal BOTTOM-18Sep5

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