Welcome Back

RRPJ-Welome Back-18Aug29

“I’m excited about being back in Coushatta,” said Pam Gates. She has rejoined Dr. Greg Bell and the Willis Knighton Rural Health Clinic here. The Journal caught up with Gates and Dr. Greg Bell this week.

Gates told The Journal, “I was driving 100 miles round trip to work for several years and the drive got old.” She added, “I had always loved the patients here in Coushatta when I worked with Dr. Bell earlier.”

Dr. Bell said’ “We had an opening, so I called Pam. We had worked over twenty years together at the Ringgold Rural Health Clinic.” Dr. Bell expressed his confidence in Gates’ abilities, “She can handle everything I do. The people know her and I am tickled she is back.”

Also in the photo is Hirni Patel. She is a third year medical student at LSU Health in Shreveport. She is in Coushatta shadowing Dr. Bell to learn about his practice. Patel says her goal in medicine is “to go into a field with long relationships with patients and their families. A relationship that is more than just seeing to my patient’s medical needs.”

Dr. Bell says he provides instruction and a practical look at the practice of medicine in the Rural Health Clinic in Coushatta to LSU Health Students for a two-week period. And he does it three times a year. Patel expressed an interest in learning about the relationships Dr. Bell has with his patients so she could incorporate that into her own practice some day.

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