New Tower Towers Over Coushatta


Look carefully at the picture above. It is more than a snapshot of coming into Coushatta from the south on US 71/84. Look in the middle. What is that tall orange thing sticking up behind the hotel?

It is a large construction crane. It was in the yard behind S&S Storage along the railroad tracks in the middle of downtown. That construction crane erected a big shiny metal tower. You can see it better in the bottom photos. Yes those are workmen at the top of the tower.

A local businessman and property owner, Billy Shaw told The Journal that the tower had been planned for some time. Shaw said it is his understanding that the tower is to be part of Verizon’s cellular network.

The construction foreman on the scene told The Journal the installation of the tower and cell antenna will be completed on Friday. The tower is 225 feet high and will be capable of delivering 4G and 5G service. When the tower is complete a security fence will be erected. Next week integrating the tower into the phone system will be done. It is estimated that the tower will be in service within two weeks.

7 thoughts on “New Tower Towers Over Coushatta

  1. Well the new tower is online. Inside aetal building, I had 1x or 3g and one smidge of a bar.
    Now I have 4 bars and 4g. Thanks VZW!

  2. Really glad to be a VZW customer. It’s a real shame that AT&T Will not invest more in our area. I heard that over 3 years ago AT&T inked a deal to build a tower on part of the country club land but it never happened. I noticed this tower has a backup generator. When the power was out for 4 days we lost cell service on the second day. Maybe next time VZW customers will not.
    The best message to send AT&T to not use them. They seem to only spend money where they get the most return (unlike cp-tel and VZW.)
    I am chomping at the bit for CP-Tel to finally make it up to Edgefield with fiber. 🙂
    And thanks to the town of Coushatta for helping us move forward!

    Ricky Dalme

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