Fun day for Kids

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The Red River Parish Library hosted a fun day for children on Thursday, June 28th. The excited youngsters were treated to games of all kinds and they listened to several children’s fiction books.

Children’s Librarian Kala Sims read and discussed the books Barn Dance and Marsh Music. Sims explained what fiction is compared to non-fiction. Sims told the kids that both were works of fiction, and both contained some facts. For example Marsh Music featured several varieties of frogs. That was fact. The fiction part was the frogs taking part in music.

After the readings the children were directed to the tables covered with popular games. Parents joined in games of Checkers, Connect 4, Jenga Blocks and others. One of the most popular activities involved creating custom guitars. The kids were furnished plain white guitar cutouts and a variety of markers. The result was many brightly colored guitars.

The library programs are on hold this week for the July 4th holiday. They will resume next week.

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