Did You Get in on the Great Bargains?

There were many fantastic bargains to be had at the latest school board surplus sale. There were so many items that three buildings were used to hold it all. People scooped up refrigerators, washers, dryers, computers, desks and chairs, and just about anything you could think of.

The Journal’s camera caught Randy Jackson and Ocie Lewis outside the Lawson Center helping people load up their pickups and trailers. We also snapped Russell Furman, Jr. paying school Finance Director David Jones for a trailer load of file cabinets and a laminator machine.

There were many other purchases. Inside the Lawson Center, Director Edna Webb said it was a bittersweet experience. “There are eighteen years of good memories in this place,” said Webb. She is moving to Red River Elementary School next year. Webb said, “I am looking forward to the new program with three year olds. Despite leaving this place, I am going on to a higher level with the children.”

The big blue dumpster sitting beside the old Springville cafeteria building is the fate awaiting much of the surplus stuff. If it didn’t sale last Friday it probably made it to the dumpster. David Jones said the old cafeteria will be used for short-term storage but most likely will be torn down when the campus is no longer needed in a couple of years.

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