A More Realistic Budget


Kenny Cox on KRRPMy923
One local lawmaker was a guest this week on the Coushatta radio station to discuss the recent special session of the legislature. Representative Kenny Cox calls the budget that came out of the special session more realistic than earlier budgetary approaches. Representative Cox, of Louisiana’s 23rd House District, appeared Wednesday morning on Coushatta’s KRRP 950.

Cox said his concern is taking care of folks in nursing homes, taking care of higher education, and other essential state services. Cox said, “This is a more realistic plan for reducing government and getting back to normal.” Cox put the blame for the state’s budgetary troubles on former Governor Bobby Jindal, saying Jindal dug the state into a whole.

Concerning letters sent to senior citizens and nursing home residents in the state several weeks ago, Cox said it was a scare tactic with the talk of all the cuts. Cox said the legislature made some progress in funding TOPS for students at 70 percent. Cox added, “We have to keep our brightest kids in Louisiana. We have to take care of our folks in nursing homes. We are not asking for fat, but we need some meat.”

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