New Teacher Mentors Go For Training

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There are nine new mentors joining the ranks of trained teacher mentors in the parish. They are attending three days of training and the state teacher convention in Baton Rouge beginning today (May 30th).

The new mentors met recently with those already trained in the parish. Several gave their thoughts on the teacher mentor program. Erica Bonner said, “I know how stressful being a new teacher is. A mentor is just being available to them.”

Patience Danzy said, “Seeing what new teachers bring in will help me be a better teacher.” Danzy is also recruiting high school seniors to become teachers.

Another new mentor, Intha Fields said, “I hate to see new teachers quit. I have sympathy because I was there once. Tell them don’t quit, it will be so good.”

The group of new mentors currently teaches in the parish schools. They are Jamie (Missy) Antilley, Erica Bonner, Patience Danzy, Intha Fields, Yasmine Jason, Peggy Key, Sherry Pickett, Brian Ross and Rachael Williamson. These nine join the ranks of those mentors who are currently serving in the public school system. They are Nicole Bailey, Ashley Dees, Ellie Drew, Darlene Martin, Samantha Sullivan, and Kenyotta Williams.

The coordinator of the program, Rene Hester, told the new mentors, “I want you to feel that you are a part of something big, part of making a difference. You are brave for stepping out and you are brave for doing this.” Hester told the group to take good notes at the state teacher summit. “We’ll all get together to debrief and share what we learned,” added Hester.

New mentor Missy Antilley summed it up, “I had a good one. I hate to see new, good teachers fail, and I want to help.”

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