Culinary Program Shows Teacher Appreciation

RRPJ-Teacher Appreciation TOP-18May11

Faculty and Staff of Red River High School were treated this week to lunch by the school’s Pro Start program. From firing up the grill to slicing the pie, Pro Start students spent the morning preparing a delicious lunch to show their appreciation of their teachers.

About 7:30 am Wednesday morning student Bobby White fired up the grill to prepare a dozen grilled chicken breasts. Celena Hardy and Ashley Black did the prep work, cutting vegetables for the salad. They also fixed homemade croutons. Both of Pro Start’s range ovens were filled with buttermilk pies made by Ladashia Gant. They won’t say who blended the special salad dressing or give out a list of ingredients. That is their trademark creation.

The Pro Start program is under the direction of Wanda Lemoine. She said, “Everything is done from scratch. Nothing served is pre-packaged. The students do it all, the cooking, the serving and the cleanup afterwards.”

Pro Start is a college level course at Red River High. Students begin in their junior year and make a two-year commitment to attend 1 to 2 blocks a day. Prerequisites are Food service and Food and Nutrition courses in ninth and tenth grades. Students must show their desire to participate. Success in Pro Start leads to a National Certificate of Achievement and that in turn leads to 12 to 15 hours of college credit at NSU.

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