You May Get Less News With Social Media Changes

RRPJ-Social Media Change-18Apr25

If you follow The Journal on Facebook, have you noticed that our articles are coming farther apart? Have you noticed that some don’t show up in your feed for a few days? Facebook has made changes recently in how they show you posts from people you are friends with or folks you follow.

The Journal feeds all stories in each issue together every Wednesday and Friday morning. Many readers take advantage of this free subscription. They also are assured of getting the news on a timely basis.

Other readers tell us they prefer getting their articles from social media. And that is great with us. They enjoy sharing them with friends and acquaintances. The purpose of this post is to alert social media readers that changes recently put into place by Facebook may be limiting the news you receive and the timeliness of receiving those articles.

So if you wish to receive The Journal by email each Wednesday and Friday morning, free subscriptions are available. And there is no charge. Just go to our website,, and click on the “Subscribe” button on the menu bar. You can share articles from the email as you have been from your social media page. You can be reassured we do not merchandise the email list to people wishing to sell you stuff.

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