ETC… for April 18th

The subject of animal control is on the minds of many citizens. There is no animal control in Red River Parish and no shelter either. Natchitoches Paws does some work here but their resources are limited. Town Council at the April meeting discussed the situation very briefly. Mayor Cox instructed the Chief of Police to look into working with DeSoto Parish. If this is of concern to you, then Town Council and the Police Jury are good places to make your thoughts known. The Police Jury meets on May 7th at 6:00 pm on the third floor of the courthouse. Town Council meets at town hall on May 15th at 5:30 pm. Contact both bodies in advance to be put on the agenda.

The “Sewing House” is moving! The new home for Sewing God’s Love will be on Fair Street. The group hopes to get their heavy furniture and fixtures moved to the new location this week. The old location is on Alonzo Street across from First Baptist Church. It is in need of repair and is no longer suitable for the sewing program run by ladies from First Methodist, First Baptist, and Wesley Chapel churches.

The Riverdale Academy class of 2020 held a fishing tournament last weekend. Here are the results they posted:

Fishing weight Totals:
1. Mike Price and Levi Martin 13.1 lbs $1120
2. Chris Dowden and Randy 12.5 lbs $320
3. Shawn and Kori Brossette 11.9 lbs $160
4. William Giddings and Clint Young 10.78 lb
5. Jared Woodard and Dennis Brossette 10.72
6. Derrell and Steven Bryant 9.3 lbs
7. Bubba and Emma Giddings 7.6 lbs
8. James Caskey and TJ Prejean 7.0 lbs
9. Charlie and Kaegan King 4.6 lbs
10. Tye and Brodee Adams 3.17 lbs
Teams 11-16 chose not to weigh in.
Big Bass – Chris Dowden 4.6 lbs $330

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