He Is Not Here

RRPJ-Not Here Bottom1-18Apr4


That simple statement from Mark’s Gospel conveys the greatest message for Christians. The message was repeated over and over in churches throughout Red River Parish last Sunday.

And the message was proclaimed at Sunday Sunrise Service at Grand Bayou. Rev. Curtis Carroll from First Methodist Church spoke as the sun broke across the lake. There was singing and Dr. Hunter Brown played.

A couple of miles down Highway 71 at Abbie Lane Retreat the Good News was repeated at three prayer gardens. Bro Stephen McAbee from Open Door Fellowship spoke at Gethsemane. Bro Matt Endress from Fairview Baptist Church brought the message in front of the crosses on Calvary. And Bro Richard Kaufman of Martin Baptist Church spoke at the Empty Tomb.

Kaufman used humor to make his point. He said he was in Jerusalem recently and went to the tomb thought to have been the one where Jesus was laid. He said he looked into that tomb, and he looked into the tomb at Abbie Lane and said, “He ain’t there either. And it’s been that way for over 2,000 years.”

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