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The Red River Boys Basketball team has qualified for the Top 28 Tournament. They defeated the Lakeside Warriors 70 to 46 at home on Friday night. After the game the seniors lead the team in cutting down the nets.

Red River took command of the game early however Lakeside kept it close until the half. In the third quarter Red River outscored Lakeside 23 to 4. The onslaught continued in the final period and the Bulldogs cruised to a 70 to 46 win.

At the same time the Lakeview Gators succumbed to an undefeated Rayville team. Now Rayville and Red River are scheduled to square off in Lake Charles tomorrow night.

Red River is dismissing school early and sending fan busses to the game on Thursday. The announcement came from Superintendent Alison Hughes late Tuesday afternoon:

“We are very excited to announce that our Red River High School Bulldogs basketball team has made it to the Top 28. Their semifinal game will be Thursday, March 8th at 4:45 PM at the Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles Louisiana against Rayville.

“Due to this early game time, we will be dismissing school on Thursday, March 8th at 11:30am. We will also be taking spectator busses for students and the community.

“Any parent or member of the community who wishes to ride a spectator bus needs to sign up to secure a seat at the Red River Parish School Board office by 4:00 Wednesday afternoon. Students of Red River High School must sign up to ride at Red River High. Students of Red River Elementary and Red River Junior High are welcome to ride the spectator bus but must be accompanied by an adult. Adults accompanying these students must also sign up at the Red River Parish Central Office. There is no charge for riding the bus, but spectators will be responsible for game tickets and food.

“Please come out and support our boys as they set out to win a Class 2-A state championship.”

Journal Sports will be on the air from the Burton Coliseum at 4:45 tomorrow afternoon. If you cannot attend the game you may listen live on The Journal’s website and Facebook pages. Go to http://www.Facebook.com/RedRiverParishJournal or http://www.RedRiverParishJournal.com and click on the “Listen Live” link. The game will also be carried on Coushatta’s radio station KRRP 950.

RRPJ-Bulldogs go to Lake Charles-18Mar7

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