College Football Signings

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Wednesday was National Signing Day for high school football players. Thousands nationwide signed scholarships to play for the college of their choice. Among them were 25 players signing with Northwestern State University.

Two Red River High School players signed their scholarships at a news conference and reception held in the Red River High Library Wednesday afternoon. They are Waylon Washington, who played safety for the Bulldogs. Washington signed with Itasca Community College in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

The Journal asked Washington about the cold weather in the far northern portion of the country. He said, “It’s gonna be cold, and I will have to prepare myself for it. In Louisiana it’s hot and not very cold, so I have to prepare for it (the cold).”

His teammate Raphael Lemons signed with Tyler Community College in East Texas. Lemons played defensive tackle and defensive end at Red River. Lemons told the Journal that he decided on Tyler Community College during his visit there. He said, “I loved the attitude of the coaches and everyone there.”

First year Head Coach John Bachman, Sr. told Lemons and Washington what to expect when they get to campus. Basically Bachman said there would be football and study and classes beginning at 5:00 am each day. He said it would last until 11:00 pm when they will get some free time. But Bachman cautioned, “You better not enjoy too much free time and get some sleep because at 5:00 am it starts all over again.”

Bachman told the players they have an amazing opportunity to get an education and have someone else pay for it. “I know you as a coach and you are not only competitors but you are better people” Bachman added.

After the formal signing and news conference the Journal asked several members of the Bulldog coaching staff about other possible signings. In general there is speculation that one or two more athletes may be committing to colleges in the near future.


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