A Scam of a Scam

RRPJ-Scam TOP-18Jan24

Every once in a while a person has to ask themselves “Who would fall for this?” Unfortunately the answer is “Lots of people!” It has come to The Journal’s attention that a new scam being floated by email pretends that it will reward you as the victim of a scam!

The body of the message goes like this:
“Attention E-mail Address Owner,

“Sequel to the meeting held today with Federal Bureau of Investigation, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is compensating all the scam victims and your name and email address was found in the scam victims list.

“However, we have concluded to effect your payment through Western Union Money Transfer, $5,000 daily until the total sum of your compensation fund is transferred to you.”

Keep reading your email and you will find the return address is Plot 1261 in the Republic of Benin. Could the address be a cemetery plot? Google Benin and you’ll find it to be a west African nation that is the birthplace of vodun religion. That’s voodoo!

It gets even better. The contact person is Sir Innocent Johnson, Director of Western Union Money Transfer Head office Benin Republic.

Quite creative. A scan that declares you are a scam victim and you have money coming! $5,000 a day! Wow, I’ll be rich!



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