Elementary Students Graduate DARE

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Lt. Roger Longino is the DARE Instructor with the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office. Here is his report on the recent DARE Graduation at Red River Elementary School.

On December 14, 2017, DARE graduation was held at Red River Elementary School with 114 students graduating. DARE is a drug awareness program that is taught all across the United States. Students learn the dangers of using drugs, alcohol and tobacco as well as resistance strategies (how to say no).

Students also learn a decision making model that helps them make smart and responsible choices. Topics include communication skills, peer pressure, stress and bullying along with facts and health effects of using drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

This year’s DARE Essay winners were Shaianne Brisker, Dawnesha Taylor, Draven Casten, Addison Bounds and Sydney Thompson. DARE Officer’s Awards were presented to Leland Posey, Kaden Nichols, D’adreione Jones, Geramiyah Williams and Anna Hinson. After the presentation of the awards, Sheriff Glen Edwards spoke to the students about the importance of making good decisions.

On behalf of Sheriff Edwards and the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office, I would like to thank the Red River Parish School Board and Administration for allowing us to teach the DARE program in the school. I would also like to thank the fifth grade teachers Sherry Pickett, Ellie Drew, Sheila Davis, Asalee Brown and Tiara Reynolds. In closing, I would like to thank the fifth grade students for their hard work and dedication.


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