Thank You Firefighters

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“We need to thank our first responders for what they do.” Travis Guin of Campti is very thankful for the members of the Red River Parish Fire Department who joined firefighters and first responders from northern Natchitoches Parish in extinguishing a fire in a house he owns near Fairview.

The other day The Journal had coffee with Guin at a Campti convenience store. He was humbly bragging on the men and women who had turned out to fight the fire on Christmas Day. The Journal featured the story on December 27th.

Guin said, “They left their homes and families and their Christmas celebration when fire broke out in a house I own. Many of them are volunteers and they gave up part of their holiday.“

Red River Fire Chief Shane Felts told The Journal the Red River firefighters responding were Michael Robinson, Randy Garrison, Cynthia Woods, Karen Freeman, Kaleb Walker and Joe Tarver.

According to the incident report furnished the Journal by Mr. Guin those responding from Natchitoches Parish were District 9 Fire Chief Douglass Rachal and firefighters Zachary Rachal, Candace Rowel, John Rowel, Danny Saffell, Monty Trichel, Logan Bounds, Diane Saffell, Troy Gardner, Landon Gardner, Justin W. Blackman, Steve Melton, Mark Fernbaugh, Randy Garrison, Michael Giammone, Rickey Armstead, Joseph Dyson, Aulbry Graves, Trey Rachal, Mitchell Blanchard, Wade Elbert, James H. Freeman, and Bo Messick.

As we were parting, Guin said again, “These people need to be recognized for their service.”


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