It’s Blizzard Weather

RRPJ-Blizzard Weather TOP-18Dec5.jpg

The weatherman isn’t talking blizzard in our area, however at the Coushatta Dairy Queen it is always time for a Blizzard. January’s featured Blizzard was just announced. It’s the Triple Truffle Blizzard. And yes, they do serve it upside down.

When you’re hungry, get a $5 Buck Lunch. In January Dairy Queen is featuring the A-1 Cheeseburger with fries, a drink and soft serve sundae for desert. The price is only $5.00.

Why are Trey Bamburg and his employees always smiling? They’re serving Fan Food, not fast food. Stop by Dairy Queen on Highway 71 north.


RRPJ-Blizzard Weather BOTTOM-18Dec5



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