Keeping our Churches Safe

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Leaders of all churches in Red River Parish are encouraged to attend a church security meeting on Friday. The Sheriff’s Office and Parish Office of Homeland Security will hold an instructional session on Friday.

Church security is a big concern following the recent shooting at a church in Texas and other incidents at houses of worship across the nation. The meeting will be this Friday, November 17th at 2:00 pm. It will be held in the Courtroom on the second floor of the parish courthouse.


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One thought on “Keeping our Churches Safe

  1. As a professional security officer of 30+ years I urge all pastorial leaders,and layperson of every ministry to attend this event,and if you are in need of any security related suggestions,ideas,and advice please email me at: I have plans I can set up for your church,and of charge. I care about the church,and all the members.I can provide references,and show you documented proof of my experience,and knowledge of the security industry. thank you.!

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