Best Hunter is a Deceiver

RRPH-Deciever TOP-17Aug11


A packed house Tuesday night listened intently as legendary outdoorsman Dr. Jimmy Sites talked about his adventures in life as a hunter. Sites was invited to Coushatta by the men’s group of First Baptist Church to be the featured speaker at their annual dinner. People responded by filling the churches gymnasium.

He is an outdoorsman, star of his own outdoor TV show, and author. Sites said, “The better hunter and fisherman you are the better deceiver you are. You deceive the fish into thinking he has something good to eat ‘till you set the hook.” There were other stories of stalking an elk and a wolf and his encounter with others in the great outdoors.

Sites’ talk was entertaining and inspirational. Sites took situations very familiar to most of the 450 people in attendance and used them to illustrate his spiritual story. Sites has earned the reputation of a great hunter and outdoorsman. But he said, “Who ever came up with the idea that the world’s biggest hunter wears a red suit with pointed ears and a pitchfork? That’s crazy! Satan is the deceiver and he never lets the prey, that is you and me, know that he is stalking you.”

To illustrate his points, Dr. Sites said the morals of the country are on a fast track downward. He said, “Morals in the church are worse off today than 20 years ago. To correct this we have to start at home.” Sites addressed the men in attendance, urging them to stand up and take the leadership role in their families. Then spread it to the grandchildren, neighbors in town, then around the world.

The parking lot was filled with cars. There were long lines to get in to hear Dr. Sites, to enjoy a delicious catered meal, and maybe win a four-wheeler or one of many door prizes. Talking with people afterwards the Journal heard that some were inspired, some had their appetites satisfied, and others were inspired by the evening. Everyone said they are looking forward to next year.

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Security at the Courthouse

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If you have been at the Red River Parish Courthouse recently you have signs on side entrance doors directing people to the main entrance. And at the main entrance there are new signs listing requirements for entering the court room on the second floor. You have also seen the security screening station that is set up just inside the entrance.

The Police Jury received an update on measures underway to secure the courthouse from Sheriff Glen Edwards at the August police jury meeting. Edwards reported, “ I have been working with Police Jury Manager Jessie Davis to get all personnel at the courthouse proper identification cards.”

Edwards said, “We are taking pass cards that all have and converting them to ID cards. All staffers will wear them all the time they are in the building. This will show that the staffers work in the building.”

The Sheriff added, “We have set up the security machine and we are using it on court days. We are working to get Sheriff’s Department staffing where it needs to be to begin using this everyday.”

There is a package scanner at the front door of the courthouse. Shawn Hubbard, the head of the parish office of emergency preparedness said, “We are looking into getting additional equipment for scanning packages coming into the courthouse to see if there is anything dangerous coming through.”

Police Jury President Shawn Beard asked if people who regularly stop at the courthouse, such as package delivery persons, be given ID cards. Sheriff Edwards replied, “I don’t know if we want to start issuing cards for non-employees.” He added it could raise some security concerns.

Sheriff Edwards summed it up this way: “We will have to grow into whatever the police jury wants us to have for the safety of the courthouse.

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Football Kicks Off Next Friday


Are you ready for some Football? Riverdale Academy kicks off it’s varsity football schedule at home next Friday night, August 18th. The Rebels host Humphreys.

The full schedule is included with this article. Riverdale has 7 district games. District play begins September 8th vs CCA. The game to be played at Riverdale.

The homecoming game is scheduled October 6th. The opponent is Rebul Academy from Mississippi. The last game is on the road Ocober 20th against Prentis.

Riverdale Academy begins it’s schedule two weeks before Red River High’s first game on September first.

RRPJ-RA Football BOTTOM-17Aug11

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Abuse May Lead to Loss of Park Access

RRPJ-Park Misuse-17Aug11


Should the Red River Parish Police Jury shut down Springville Park due to misuse? Police jury Vice President Ben Taylor raised the question at the police jury meeting on Monday night. It was set up to rent the pavilion for a fee for people wanting to hold events at the park.

According to Taylor, “People are using the facility and the electricity there but not paying the required rental fees. There is damage being done to the pavilion and restrooms.” He said the park might have to be locked to prevent vandalism.

Taylor noted that the park was built in part by volunteer labor from families that live in Springville. He said, “The problem is people want to hold parties there and use the pavilion whether they pay or not. The power to the pavilion can be shut off but there is still access to water and electricity in the park, but outside the pavilion.”

One solution under discussion would be to cut off all electricity and water to the Springville Park. Police juror William Brown suggested working out a way to make the utilities available only to people who pay the rental for the pavilion. He asked, “Is there pavilion rentals sufficient to support the park?” Juror Taylor replied, “Probably not.”

Ladies Night Out on August 18th

RRPJ-Ladies Night-Abundant Life-17Aug11

This note from Abundant Life Worship Center:

“We are having Ladies Night August 18th. Jolie’s Vintage is hosting a painting class. The cost is $15.00 and food will be served. Please RSVP Susan Bamburg at 318-461-2088. It will be held at the Abundant Life Worship Center Family Center at 7:00 pm.”

Lunch Will Be Free!



There is an old saying about no such thing as a free lunch. But there is! Check this posting fro the Red River Parish School Board.

“Don’t worry about bringing money for breakfast or lunch! Again this year, all students in Red River Parish will receive free breakfast and lunch thanks to the federal government’s Community Eligibility Program! Research has shown that students who eat breakfast and lunch on a daily basis perform better in school and improve behavior. So join us EVERYDAY for a hearty breakfast and lunch!”

ETC… for August 11th



155 years ago Liberty Baptist Church at Martin was founded. The church is celebrating its anniversary Sunday and you are invited. Pastor Harry Bamburg says it will be a very special service in their recently completed new sanctuary.

Also, Liberty Baptist is beginning a week long revival. The Evangelist is Brother Sam Moore and the music will be lead by Brother Price Harris.

The local American Legion and Auxiliary is hosting a get together of the participants from Red River Parish who went to Boys and Girls State this past summer. It will be Tuesday, August 15th at 6:00 pm at First Baptist Church. The young people will report on this years program.

The Journal got a note from Congressman Mike Johnson’s office reminding you of some of the services offered by his office. You can get help with federal agencies, grant applications, and purchasing a US flag that few over the US Capitol. Full information at

Social Springs is planning a mens’ conference and revival in early September. Check Brother James Hester’s Facebook page for details.

Missing Red River Parish Man Found Dead

RRPJ-Body Found TOP-17Aug9

According to the Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office, a body found in Natchitoches Parish has been presumptively identified as missing Red River Parish man Anthony Rainey. Motorists discovered the body, which was located on Grappes Bluff Road under a bridge in the Fairview Alpha community in northern Natchitoches Parish.

Rainey was reported missing to Red River Parish Sheriff’s Deputies and last seen on July 31, 2017. The case is currently being investigated as a homicide and no further information will be released at this time.

The case continues to be mutually investigated with the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office, Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office, Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office and Red River Parish Coroner’s Office.

Natchitoches Sheriff Victor Jones and Red River Sheriff Glen Edwards expresses their sympathy to the Rainey family.

If you have any information please contact the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-932-6701 or the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-352-6432

Flight From Officers Leads to Multiple Charges

RRPJ-Ranson Thomas Arrest-17Aug9On August 3, 2017 Red River Parish Sheriff’s deputies executed multiple arrest warrants on Ranson Thomas of Coushatta. Thomas was located and apprehended at a residence in the 1800 block of Carlisle Road southeast of Coushatta. The Louisiana State Police obtained arrest warrants stemming from a traffic stop where Thomas fled the scene. The Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office held two additional warrants which resulted from two separate criminal investigations.

Upon making contact with Thomas, he was taken into custody without incident. During the course of the arrest, deputies recovered several items classified as drug paraphernalia. These items were collected as evidence and resulted in an additional criminal charge.

Ranson C. Thomas, B/M, age 39 of the 1800 block of Carlisle Road, Coushatta, LA was transported to the Red River Parish Jail for booking. He was charged with one count each of the following: RRPSO Warrants – Theft over $750 but less than $5,000 and Cyberstalking; LSP Warrants – Resisting an Officer by Giving False Information Regarding Identity, Resisting an Officer, Required Position & Method of Turning at Intersections, Expired MVI, Failure to Secure License and Registration, Driving Under Suspension, Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Schedule II CDS; RRPSO – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

His bond was set at $24,000 and he remains incarcerated.



As the beginning of the school year quickly approaches, Red River Parish Sheriff Glen Edwards wants to remind parents and drivers of ways to help keep our children safe.

•Watch for children loading and exiting school buses before and after school.
•When meeting a school bus with its stop signs displayed, always stop even if the roadway is divided by a turn lane.
•Never pass a school bus that is slowing or has stopped to unload children.
•Reduce any distractions inside your car. Never text and drive!
•While driving on school campuses, proceed slowly and always be on the lookout for children.
•Obey the speed limit and discontinue the use of your cell phone while in an active school zone.

•If walking to school, make sure your child walks with a companion, follows a route you have planned, and doesn’t talk to or accept rides from strangers.
•When preparing to get on the bus, instruct your child to stay out of the street, watch for vehicles, and only approach the bus after it has stopped.
•While on the bus, remind your child to stay seated at all times, to keep his or her hands and head inside the bus, and to obey the instructions of the bus driver.
•When exiting the bus, children should first make sure the bus comes to a complete stop, use the handrail to avoid falls, and cross the street at least 10 feet in front of the bus.
•Instruct your child to never bend down in front of the bus for any reason such as to tie his or her shoestrings.
•Verify that your child knows who to contact and how to contact them in the case of an emergency.

New Teachers and New Faces

By Renee’ Hester

RRPJ-New Teacher Orientation-17Aug9

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 was a very important day for fourteen teachers in Red River Parish. For some, it was their very first day of their very first teaching assignment. For others, it was a new teaching experience in a new school district. Finally, for a select, experienced group, it was an opportunity to share their expertise as they all gathered at the Red River Parish Parent Center for two days of training and preparation for the 2017-2018 school year.

As teachers arrived they were greeted by the administrative staff of Red River Parish. Mrs. Alison Hughes welcomed each one and conveyed her expectations for the upcoming year. Red River Instructional Coaches Alvester Barfield, Cassandra Turner, Deborah Babers, and Christi Suggs presented resourceful informational sessions throughout the professional development.

Mentors Ellie Drew, Rachel Urda, Kenyotta Williams, Darlene Martin and Samantha Sullivan provided additional professional development on educational strategies and current technology trends for teachers. Renee’ Hester and Karen Squires provided meaningful data on Google Classroom and the many realities of the school day. Teachers were treated to breakfast and lunch as well as presentations by the Association of Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+Pel), Louisiana Association of Educators (LAE) and Red River United.

On day two of the new teacher induction, teachers were divided into two
groups to participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt. If you encountered the white Red River Parish expeditions on Wednesday, August 2, you might have assumed they had been car-jacked, but it was just the rookie teachers. They roamed all around the community familiarizing themselves with each of the schools, the parish library, and other places of significance in our beloved town. In the end, everyone met up at the York Chop Restaurant for a delicious lunch that was graciously sponsored by Stuart Shaw, Red River Parish Clerk of Court and Quality Ford, Inc.
Meet the new teachers

These are the new Red River Parish teachers with the facilitators of the Professional
Development initiatives provided with assistance of the TIF (Teacher Incentive Funds) Grant. Front row from left to right: Shanica Keith, Peggy Key, Debbie Guidry, Roshawnda Taylor, Deborah Johnson, Caroline Doughty, Zachary Price, and Renee’ Hester (TIF Lead). Second row from left to right: Karen Squires (Director of Student Learning) Lawrence Bunton, Tiara Reynolds, Macie Wood, Dustie Gibson, Jesseca Tomerlin, John Bachman, Sr., and Josh Alexander.

Support Athletics and Keep it Cool

RRPJ-Booster Yeti-17Aug9


The Athletic Booster Club is putting together its fall program of support for athletes and the athletic programs of Red River High School. They recently held a fish-plate sale and currently are seeking community support.

If you have ever yearned for a Yeti cooler, the booster club has one up for raffle. In the photo Coach Ginger Craig bought her ticket at the recent Back to School Bash. Boosters are selling raffle tickets for the cooler and will give it away at the last home football game this fall. See Randy Thomas, Jr. or call 318-517-8140 to reserve your tickets for the drawing.

Also businesses are asked to support the Bulldogs by putting their signs on the football field, in the gymnasium, and other venues of school athletic competition. Again your contact is Randy Thomas, Jr.

Adventures in Wonderland by Mary Ellen Courville

RRPJ-Adventures in Wonderland-17Aug9

Grace Courville


The Journal thanks Edgar and Joy Gaddis for sharing this great piece written by their Granddaughter.

If you travel north (North Louisiana that is) to a place where the population is just all y’all and your neighbors, where the store clerks know you as soon as you give your granddaddy’s name, and every building holds a bit of your family’s history, then you’ve arrived.

As you wind around the faded blacktop road you can almost hear the forty year echo of grandaddy Papa Edgar’s voice booming across those high school stadium speakers announcing Friday night football games. Mama Joy waits in her living room across the street, where she’s been able to hear Papa Edgar’s play-by-play since the days her sons and daughters were on that field.

From the football field, if you look into the treeline, down past the goal, where the blacktop cracks into long gravel-pine driveways, where the streets converge into one dead end, and the woods begin, you just might see the gateway to wonderland. It’s only visible for a little while, and you have to be truly looking or truly fortunate to find it.
You’ll know you’re one of the lucky ones if, as you walk into those unassuming woods, piney, and filled with brambly undergrowth, you instead stumble into an otherworldly land, with white flags waving welcome. Your skin tingles as you step forward and shrink.

The closer you come, the smaller you become. Then a pathway appears.
Walking down that sun-dappled pathway becomes a dance, frolicking from flower to flower before finally stopping for a photograph. You have to assure yourself that this wonderland is real. From your now close-up vantage point you identify the lilies towering above you. They take a bow. You smile and wave, navigating your way backward, increasing in size, going back to reality, and returning to the well-worn asphalt road you’d left behind.

While you feel grateful to have found this treasure in the trees, the real treasure hides in the story. If you knock on Mama Joy’s door and happen to catch her at her leisure, over a cup of coffee she will share the real story behind that woodsy wonderland.
“Well, I guess it would have been Elvie,” she says, talking about her cousin who lived at the end of the street. “There was no one to take the Easter lilies home you know, on Easter Sundays, after church.” She goes on to describe the lily-decorated church and the orphaned flowers that resulted. “She’d just take them home and plant them.” Mama Joy gestures toward the woods as she describes cousin Elvie’s rescue efforts, planted out back by the pine trees, year after year.

If you travel north to a place where the blossoms shoot up on stalks taller than people, where bold pops of white fight through the untamed woods in which they
do not belong, you may just find it. It’s a place where Easter’s blooms do not die. Instead the gardener claims, saves, and plants them to grow in a whole new way. You will know that woodsy wonderland when you see it; the population is made of flowers given in memory of all y’all and your neighbors, where the every blossom holds a bit of your family’s history. When you see the lilies through the trees, then you’ve arrived.

Mary Ellen Courville writes “I am currently a middle school English teacher at The Dunham School in Baton Rouge. Joy and Edgar Gaddis are my grandparents.
I would be glad to share the story and the pictures with your publication. I would appreciate it if you could please give photo credits to my daughter Grace Courville.”


Imagination Library Signup Underway

RRPJ-Library TOP-17Aug9


Children ages birth to five years in Red River Parish are now signing up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The program was introduced to the parish at the recent Back to School Bash. Photos with this story are Lynn Stevens, COO of United Way of Northwest Louisiana, signing up children at the recent Back to School Bash; Clint Poche, representative of BHP Billiton at the Bash; and the smiling youngster signing up for the Imagination Library is Timothy Winn.

The grant funding provided by BHP Billiton will allow UWNWLA to support and sponsor nearly 250 children in Red River Parish. Clint Poche from BHP told the Journal, “We are helping in an the area of most need in terms of education and health. This is our first involvement with United Way.” Poche added, “After surveying the 10 parish area in northwest Louisiana, we see Red River with the highest number of at-risk children entering kindgarten.

BHP Billiton has provided seed money for three years to fully establish the program in the area. This nationally recognized program provides every child who enrolls with one age appropriate book each month, creating their own personal library. It inspires families to read more frequently to their children and catalyze our community to invest more time, talent and treasures to better prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Funding will need to be secured after the three-year grant dollars have been used to maintain the program.

The population served is children from birth to five years of age in Red River Parish zip codes. With this funding, United Way will add all zip codes in Red River Parish to the DPIL program, serving 228 children of the 3,320 households living in the parish. According to the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) Study of Financial Hardship, 40 percent of the population is struggling to afford basic needs.

United Way will focus on two areas that have the highest percent of families living below the ALICE threshold in the first few months: 1) Coushatta (64%) and Martin (44%). In Red River Parish, elementary schools scored a D letter grade, according to the Louisiana Department of Education. Furthermore, 49 percent of students in grades 3-8 scored below grade level on state assessments. Sixty-four percent of children in Red River Parish entering kindergarten are unprepared.

Every child enrolled in the program is tracked through software administered through the Imagination Library Foundation. Ongoing reports are produced and provided to each school in each of the sponsored zip codes so administrators can use to compare DIEBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) testing scores.


RRPJ-Meth BTS Bash TOP-17Aug9

First United Methodist Church got students off to school with a weekend-long series of events. Thanks to the church’s Facebook page for contributing to this story.

There was a Lock in on Friday night for the teenagers. Activities included a scavenger hunt on Front Street in the wee hours of the night, movies, games and Bible study.

For the youngsters of the church, age 4 years through 5th grade, there was a Camp Out program on Sunday beginning at 2:00 pm. The kids enjoyed a simulated campsite, games, and other fun activities.

On Sunday evening from 5:00 to 8:00 pm it was the “Back to School Bash” with games and water slides. The bash was for kids of all ages. Some of the adults needed a change into dry clothes at the end of the fun outdoor activities. Activates were topped off with a hamburger supper and fantastic desserts.

The Church issued a big thank you Karen Squires, Rev. Curtis Carroll, Diane Jackson, John Brewer, David and Kaitlyn Beard, Ethan Squires, Tori Bamburg, Kelley Lee, Ginger Craig, Patti Strother, Debbie Bell, Lisa Phillips, Mary Evelyn Jowers and others for their assistance in making this a special “back to school” activity.



ETC… for August 9th


Mark your calendar. The Red River Parish Police Jury is moving the date of their September meeting. The date is now September 5th, a Tuesday. The jury normally meets on the first Monday of the month, however in September that is the Labor Day holiday. So the meeting is moved back one day.

Also on your calendar, the school board meeting in September will be on the 14th.

On Friday afternoon it’s the Rubber Duckey Baby Shower at the Health Unit. They’re celebrating World Breastfeeding and National Breastfeeding month with a party.

A personal note… Thank you to the church members, interested citizens, and other folks in our parish for all of your help. I only have two eyes and two ears, so I cannot be everywhere and see everything all at once. Remember if your group is planning an event and the public is welcome, then let the Journal know. Email details and a photo if possible to


The Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office was informed of a body being discovered Aug. 7, which was located on Grappes Bluff Road under a bridge in the Fairview Alpha community in northern Natchitoches Parish.

Since that time, we have presumptively identified the body as that of 31-year-old Anthony J. Rainey of Coushatta.

Rainey was reported missing to Red River Parish Sheriff’s Deputies and last seen on July 31.

The case is currently being investigated as a homicide and no further information will be released at this time.

The case continues to be mutually investigated with the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office, Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office, Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office and Red River Parish Coroner’s Office.

Natchitoches Sheriff Victor Jones and Red River Sheriff Glen Edwards expresses their sympathy to the Rainey family.

If you have any information please contact the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-932-6701 or the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-352-6432

Body found underneath bridge on Frappes Bluff Road near Fairview Alpha

Body found 3

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies, Red River Parish Sheriff’s Deputies, Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office, and the Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office are on the scene of a body found underneath a bridge on the Grappes Road near Fairview Alpha in north Natchitoches Parish according to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones Jr.

The NPSO 911 Center received a 911 call Aug. 6 at 1:12 pm from a couple traveling through the area reporting a body underneath a bridge on Grappes Bluff Road approximately ¼ quarter off of Hwy. 480.

Deputies assigned to the NPSO Patrol Division responded to the scene discovering a body beneath the bridge.

Detectives assigned to the NPSO Criminal Investigations Division, Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office, Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office and Natchitoches Parish

Coroner’s Office responded and currently remain on scene.

Crime Scene Technicians from the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office who specialize in collecting crime scene evidence is responding to process the crime scene.

According to Natchitoches Parish Asst. Coroner Steven Clanton, the body will be sent for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

It appears the body has been underneath the bridge for possibly a week.
The scene remains active. No identification has been made on the body.

Both Natchitoches Parish and Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office are currently actively investigating missing person cases, however, at this point we will not speculate to identification until the body has been examined and identified by a forensic pathologist.
Sheriff Victor Jones said we are working in the early stages of this investigation with assistance from the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office, Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office,

Natchitoches District Attorney’s Office and Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office therefore information at this point is limited as we continue to investigate and process the crime scene.

We ask that the public stay away from the crime scene while detectives work the scene and collect evidence.

If you have any information regarding this investigation please contact the NPSO
Criminal Investigations Division at 318-357-7830 or the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-932-4221.

Job Opening – Chateau Saint Denis Hotel


Head House Keeping position now open.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Previous housekeeping experience required
  • Previous supervisory experience preferred
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Professional dress and demeanor
  • Friendly personality and able to interact with hotel guests and staff
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to organize and record information
  • Ability to read, write and speak English language

Job Purpose:

  • To oversee the functioning of the Housekeeping Staff, ensuring that work is completed in an accurate, timely, and efficient manner
  • To plan, organize, and develop the overall operation of the housekeeping department
  • Ensure the highest quality of guest care is maintained at all times
  • Position is a salaried, full time position with a heavy emphasis on weekends and the expectation of being on call at all times.

Essential Functions:

  • Obtain list of vacant rooms which need to be cleaned immediately and list of prospective check outs in order to prepare work assignments.
  • Assigns housekeepers their duties and inspects sleeping rooms, bathrooms, hallways, common areas, elevators, stairwells (i.e. inspects overall cleanliness of hotel). All areas of the hotel must be clean, hygienic, attractive, and orderly.
  • Updates room status’s in the property management system (PMS)
  • Inventories stock to ensure adequate supplies and linen.
  • Promotes a culture of extraordinary service to guests throughout the property.  Instills 100% guest satisfaction objective in hourly associates
  • Investigates complaints regarding housekeeping service and equipment and takes corrective action.
  • Recruits qualified applicants. Trains and/or monitors employees in accordance with Company standards.
  • Responsible for writing employee schedules in accordance with business levels.
  • Motivates and gives direction to hourly employees.
  • Conducts coaching/counseling sessions; performance evaluations; prepares performance improvement plans, disciplinary documentation; conducts terminations.
  • Conducts orientation training of new employees to explain Company policies, housekeeping and laundry procedures, and demonstrates correct use and maintenance of equipment.
  • Monitor the appearance, standards and performance of the Housekeeping Team with an emphasis on training and teamwork

Work Environment:

  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand; walk; use hands to finger, handle, or feel objects, tools, or controls; talk or hear; and taste or smell. The employee frequently is required to reach with hands and arms. The employee is occasionally required to sit; climb or balance; and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.
  • The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus.
  • The employee will be required to clean rooms as needed to ensure timely release of clean inventory to the front desk.

How to Apply:


or send resume directly to: 

Paid Notice

Red River Parish Officer Involved Shooting



Here is the only official statement from Louisiana State Police concerning the shooting south of Coushatta on Wednesday morning:

“One Coushatta resident was killed and a sheriff’s deputy was injured early Wednesday morning on Banks Street south of Coushatta. Here is the news release from the State Police in Shreveport:

“On Wednesday August 2, 2017, at approximately 7:26 a.m. Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations/Shreveport Field Office (LSP SFO) responded to an officer involved shooting in Red River Parish. LSP SFO was requested to investigate the shooting by the Red River Parish Sheriff’s Department.

“The preliminary investigation revealed that the Red River Sheriff’s Department responded to a residence on Banks Street south of Coushatta in reference to a welfare concern. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with a male subject who was the source of the call. The male subject armed himself with a firearm. Shots were then fired by both the male subject and the deputies.

“One of the deputies and the male subject were shot during the incident. The deputy was transported to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The male subject was also transported to a local hospital where he died as a result of his injuries.

“This investigation remains active and ongoing.

“There is no more information available at this time (Wednesday afternoon).”

The resident who was killed is identified by family members as Preston Thornton.

Administrative Lieutenant Troy Murray of the Sheriff’s Department said the identities of the two officers involved in the incident are not being released, that it is too early in the investigation. Murray said one officer remains hospitalized in stable condition. He is being treated for non-life threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. Both officers are on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues.

His Mother Calls for More Training for Officers



Preston Thornton’s mother expressed her belief that officers should have more training to handle situations dealing with mental problems. Natalie Wilson is Thornton’s mother. She was in the room with her son and sheriff’s deputies when they confronted each other Wednesday morning. Deputies had been called to the residence on Banks Street, just off the Red Oak Road south of Coushatta.

The Journal interviewed Wilson Wednesday afternoon. She described the mental state of her son early that morning and the night before. Wilson said her son suffered from PTSD following his return from service with the US Army, which included time in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thornton’s sister Sydneye had spent the night before talking with him during an episode she describes as paranoia. She said Preston Thornton had spoken with a representative of the Veterans Administration by phone for several hours. Thornton had agreed to allow himself to be transported to the VA in Shreveport to receive treatment Wednesday.

Sydneye Thornton said she and a representative of the VA were on the phone speaking with Preston Thornton Wednesday morning and his mother Natalie Wilson was in the room with her son when sheriff’s deputies and EMS arrived to transport Preston Thornton. Sydneye Thornton said, “The VA representative had spoken with the deputies on the phone to tell them what you’re dealing with. The VA representative asked the deputy ‘Can you transport?’ and the reply was ‘yes.’”

Wilson and Sydneye Thornton described the scene to the Journal. They said, “the deputy told Preston Thornton to hang up the phone. He replied to the deputy ‘are you drawing your gun?’” Wilson said, “The deputy went to take the phone from my son and the shooting started.”

The Journal asked Wilson if her son had a gun. She replied, “I don’t know.” We asked if she saw a weapon and Wilson replied “no.” The Journal asked “Did you specifically see who did the shooting?” and Wilson replied “no.” Wilson added, “I thought everyone was dead because of so much shooting and so much blood. My son ran out of the house and he lay by the side of the road. He was there approximately twenty minutes before anyone went to Preston. EMT was here and they did not touch him.”

Wilson said, “They need to have someone who is intelligent to handle mental problems. They need training to handle this situation.”


RRPJ-Story ADD-Missing Person-17Aug4The Red River Parish Sheriff’s Office (RRPSO) is seeking the public’s help in locating a missing Red River Parish man.

Anthony Rainey, B/M, age 31 was last seen in the vicinity of Springville Road in Coushatta at approximately 10:00 p.m. on Monday, July 31, 2017.

He was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and black & white Nike slippers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RRPSO at 318-932-4221 or the detective’s office at 318-932- 6701.