ETC… for July 28th



The “Back to School” rush is in full speed ahead. Teachers and other school personnel are making their final preparations to get their classrooms “just right.”
There are new teachers who will be introduced to students and parents at open house coming up soon.

The Back to School Bash is happening next week. We will have an update on the tremendous offer of backpacks and school supplies being made available to our students.

Riverdale Academy is getting ready with their Ice Cream Social coming up in the near future.

Both schools are putting together their fall athletic programs, dance lines, the RR Bulldog Marching Band is practicing in the school parking lot, and it goes on and on.

If you need details, please consult earlier editions of the Journal. Or go to your school’s Facebook page.

There is a baby shower in the near future at the parish health unit.

Riverdale is planning a “Rebel Fest” on September 9th.

Our children go back to school on August 9th. The big yellow school busses will be picking up children every morning and taking them home in the afternoon. Please be aware if you travel on a road with a blind curve or other feature that could block your vision. Tragedy struck just this week with teenagers walking on the side of a road. Slow down, you’ll get there safely. Drive carefully!

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