Let Mom Know She Is Special

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What to give your mother on her special day? Evelyn’s Plant Farm suggests beautiful planters or hanging baskets filled with her favorite colors.

Every basket is hand-made with hardy flowering plants. There are many to select from, ready to brighten your Mother’s Day on Sunday. Or you may select from the many plants Evelyn has in stock. Hanging baskets are priced from $9.95 to $15.95.

Fill a large space with color in one of the large planters or barrels from Evelyn’s Plant Farm. Come see the fantastic selection, priced at $17.95 and up.

You may custom design flowering plants for Mom. Select the container and the plants. They will plant them just the way you like. And you only pay for the materials. If you have a planter, Evelyn says to bring it and you only are charged for the plants and supplies to build your planter.

Evelyn’s Plant Farm is located on East Carroll Street, and Evelyn opens daily at 8:00 am. The gift mom will appreciate and remember is waiting at Evelyn’s Plant Farm.

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