The Gift of Love

Pre-Need Specialists Byron Barclay, Greg Sargee and Joni Bass
Rose-Neath Administrative Assistant Renee Hill

Joni Bass is one of the Pre-Need Specialists for Kilpatrick Rose-Neath in Coushatta. She has important information for you at no charge.

Bass said, “Giving a gift to a loved one is a joy of life. One important gift is often overlooked, however, because it involves a subject difficult for many to consider, the sorting out of final affairs.”

Just as gift giving is a time of joy, the loss of a loved one is a time of grief. Adding to the stress of loss are the many decisions and responsibilities now thrust upon surviving family.

“Several choices must be faced within 24-48 hours after the loss”Bass explained. She asked, “Do you know the 30-hour rule?” Bass described the maze of arrangement options, funding possibilities, informational needs and final wishes can seem daunting but this maze does not need to be faced alone.

Pre-Need Specialist Greg Sargee said, “Arranging our final affairs to spare others what pain we can is truly a gift of love but for many it is not a gift easily given.”

“Please be our guest at a free pre-planning seminar at Rose-Neath Funeral Home Thursday, May 4th from 9:00am to noon” said Sargee. Bass said, “A short presentation will be given starting at 9:30 but our primary concern is to answer your questions and take the mystery out of the maze.”

For more information, please call Kilpatrick Life’sByron Barclay at 318-347-7230, Joni Bass at 318-525-4680 or Greg Sargee at 318-471-9504.

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