ETC…April 21st

Dance Time. Tomorrow is the forth Saturday in April, which means it’s time for the Council on Aging’s monthly dance. The Playmates will be playing at the COA on Front Street. The dance is from 7 to 10 pm and the cover charge is just $6.00.

There is Still Time to Catch Up. If you missed the COA Community Health Fair this week, there is information you may be in need of. One such group is the Aging and Disability Resource Center that serves Red River parish and several others in the Shreveport area. Look for their story and many more in coming weeks.
Thanks Again The Journal says thank you to the many people in Red River and surrounding parishes who have acquired the habit of getting their news from the Red River Parish Journal. And an especial thanks to those who have shared the Journal with friends and relatives who live elsewhere yet want to remain in touch.

There is one thing you can do to help us. Let The Journal know when your group, your church, or school is holding an activity. We got many tips recently with all the Easter celebrations. And Vacation Bible School, graduation, Mothers Day and other events are coming soon.

Tell The Journal and we’ll tell everyone.

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