Attention Red River High School students. Boys and Girls are invited to tryout for cheerleaders and the mascot. Cheerleader sponsor Alice Everett announced that potential cheerleaders must attend the tryout clinics. They will be held during the next two weeks.

Dates for the clinics will be Monday through Wednesday, March 27th through 29 and on Monday April 3rd. Clinics will be at 6:30 pm each day and will be held at the Red River High School gym. The fee is $10 to attend the tryout clinics.

Tryouts for Cheerleaders and mascot will be held on Tuesday, April 4th at 4:30 pm. Everett said applicants must attend the clinics to be eligible to tryout.


  1. I too, thank Jackie Waters for her report. More than that I thank Mike and Jackie for their hard work. I and other Honduras Mission Team members thank all the participants. John, thank you for your support. Our team is fired up any ready to go.
    We are grateful to everyone who prays for us and supports us.


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