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Many great memories to last a lifetime will be formed on the new playground equipment at Red River Elementary School. The official ribbon cutting was held Friday (March 10th).

It was quite a show with the RRES Cheerleaders and Bulldog mascot leading the way. There were speeches, a cutting of a big blue ribbon, and a white and blue balloon launch. And of course a stampede of kids trying to be the first on the swings, ladders and jungle gym.

Student Council President Hayden Dowden put it best. She said “we promise to take care of it and have lots of fun on it. “ School Board President Valerie Cox termed it “the most festive ribbon cutting ceremony I have ever attended.” Cox added a big thank you to all involved “for what you’ve done for the kids.”

RRES PAW Parents started working to build a playground for grades 1-5 about five years ago. Every fundraiser the group has done has been to purchase equipment. Money came from candy sales, cookbook sales, carnival profits, pageants, snow cones, and softball and volleyball tournaments. Also from box tops students saved for about 10 years.

Many people do not realize how expense playground equipment can be. The piece we purchased cost around $18,000 and that was on sale. Around $3,000 came from this project alone. Each box top is worth 10 cents, that’s a lot of box tops.

This is not the end, just phase one. In the immediate future is construction of two gaga ball pits. Also this school year plans call for pouring concrete slabs for the basketball courts.

Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet!

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